Curve – Hospitality and Retail Store radio

Your business has always been under pressure:  How to give great customer service, enhance the safety and security of staff and customers and reduce stock losses. The CURVE is the latest tool from Motorola designed for just that. It operates on free to use 900MHz digital channels, so no licence required. Due to frequency hopping technology, it offers greater security from eavesdroppers and lower interference. It can be used with a discrete earpiece, or as a traditional loudspeaker radio for those staff who are not customer facing. Today’s environment is challenging; new shopping behaviors, staff shortages and increased concern for the health and safety of everyone in your business, are driving the need for connectivity. To succeed, you need to deliver what the competition can’t. That means quick order fulfillment, an attractive shopping environment and top-notch customer service — all while keeping your inventory secure and your staff and customers healthy and safe.


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